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Do you have an idea in mind and want to discuss its feasibility? Do not hesitate to contact me for an opinion on the technical approach to be implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the creation take place?

After the estimate has been drawn up and the necessary purchases have been made, the production phase can begin. During this, you will be given access to watch the improvements made day by day. You will be asked during the creative process to validate the position taken. Collaboration is the key to the success of a project that comes to fruition. Please find several of my projects here.

Why ask for a deposit?

The work of a Web designer is very time-consuming and requires upstream work to target your needs. After validation of the quote, a deposit of 50% will be requested. It will serve as a royalty for the production phase started. If for a personal reason, a refund is requested, then the amount incurred may under certain conditions be returned.

How does the training take place?

At the end of the production phase and after validation of the product. We will agree on a date for a 2-3 hour training session. This training will help you to take control of the solution, improve and modify the present content. Two weeks after the session, I will be at your disposal for coaching and help in case of difficulty.

Maintenance, is it useful ?

If your activity does not leave you the time necessary to maintain the site, you can use a third-party service. The maintenance offer guarantees you a privileged contact in order to solve quickly and without stress the problems on your site.